Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Reseller ratings blocks commercial site with frivilous DMCA complaint

This blog shares the opinion of Steve Winter and certain history that led him to his conclusions.  For those who are just joining us there is some more history at http://urgentwarnings.blogspot.com.  The photos on this blog are FAIR USE and posted here as evidence that reseller ratings is lying when they claim that Sellcom published their entire website.  Here are the only graphics that Sellcom published and they ALL have to do with SELLCOM and show reseller ratings publishing the SELLCOM copyrighted name from their website.  I have an email from Dave in which he even lied to his lawyer claiming that SELLCOM had republished the entire reseller ratings website.

Reseller ratings filed a frivolous DMCA complaint and the incompetent staff in the copyright dept at Godaddy AKA Wildwestdomains actually blocked the SELLCOM commercial site on their behalf even though it was textbook fair use of what reseller ratings was publishing about SELLCOM!

Upon further contemplation I have come to the conclusion that what reseller ratings is engaged in is hardly more than reputation piracy., holding a company's reputation hostage and often against their will leaving the company with little option other than to "subscribe" ie pay a large monthly fee.  (I guess in pirate terminology one would say "tribute", eh?)

Will Google let a frivolous complaint remove this blog?   Time will tell.

Does the above look like the ENTIRE reseller ratings website?  That would have been quite a publishing feat for SELLCOM would it not, to publish the entire reseller ratings site?   No, reseller ratings are simply LIARS and SELLCOM only published the graphics shown here.

Steve Winter
(The graphics here and any registered trademarks are the property of their owners and published here under FAIR USE)

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  1. Here is a new legal threat from another scum with the pirates. They don't seem to comprehend that the FACT that the material is about our company makes it FAIR USE. Here is the email I received 11-22-2011


    Republishing our logo, our HTML, our reviews content, is not fair use, and it's not lawful. Nor is your continued republishing of our copyrighted website, reviews content, and graphics, at http://reputationpiracy.blogspot.com/, lawful.

    You're not a lawyer. Get one, and become properly educated about the law, or stop this pointless crusade. If you do not stop your continued defamatory postings and republishing of our content, logo graphics, and ratings data, we will be forced to escalate this to much more than a simple DMCA complaint, and we will proceed to file a claim against you and your business in federal court seeking damages and attorneys fees.